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Garden of Vessels: Exploration of Clay Art

Wamsley’s studies in the arts began at an early age and continued on to Indiana University in Bloomington. She was accepted into the BFA program where she worked with many talented teachers and students and was Artist In Residence at the Campus Community Center for two years. Wamsley received the Carolyn Marmon Award for Sculpture at the Indianapolis Annual Art show in 1981.

After moving to Los Angeles, she opened her own clay studio, showed in many galleries and served as President of the American Ceramic Society (SOCAL) from 2005-2007. While in LA, Wamsley worked with such well known ceramicists as Paul Soldner and Tom Coleman, Rudy Fleck at Loyola University and Roger Porter at Glendale College. During this time, she received an award from the Los Angeles Art Critic, First Place at the Presidents Show and many other awards.

At her Syracuse, Indiana studio today, Wamsley said, “My artistic concerns delve into historical clay melding into my imaginary oceanic world. These vessels are my narrative homages to historical/future/nature versus tech. I use multiple firings and very textured lava/ash glazes.”

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