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Gloria Badiner

Gloria Badiner is a scientist and studio artist, living and working in rural Southwest Michigan. Her studio, Arts & Artifacts, makes commissioned and custom kiln formed glass for architects, designers and furniture makers. Her sculptures include fused, kiln cast, sand cast and dalle de’ verre works mostly on an intimate scale and are often mixed with copper, silver, stone, bone and found elements. The themes of night and day, nature and human ritual are strong influences woven into her work. The most recent three-dimensional exhibitions display a commonality of “The Offering”--a series of kiln-cast bowls filled with cast, fused and found objects honoring the needs of humans, i.e. food, medicine, fire, children, art and creativity. Recent two-dimensional works include a series of cast glass panels for a wall waterfall installation and a commission for an Embassy in Washington DC. Gloria also serves as a technical consultant to the glass and ceramic industry and teaches kiln forming throughout the United States.