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Peggy Coffey, Spinner and Weaver, Joins MoonTree Studios as Artist in Residence


Beginning in early February 2016, Margaret Coffey will join MoonTree Studios as an Artist in Residence, focusing on Fiber Arts. She will facilitate a variety of fiber experiences for participants at MoonTree, including a full realm of spinning and weaving experiences. There are creative experiences for all skill levels—from beginners to experienced fiber artists wanting to expand their knowledge and skills.

Peggy’s art residency at Moontree provides an opportunity for anyone interested in fiber arts to get started on this creative path with minimal investment. Each experience that Peggy offers will have “class time” when proper techniques are demonstrated and reinforced. Outside of “class time” there will be individual homework or pre-arranged studio time for participants to hone their skills and understanding of the media and techniques. Peggy will be available for direction and instruction all along the way. For beginners, spinning wheels may be rented from MoonTree.

The first experience, “Weaving with Handspun Yarn,” begins Tuesday, February 9 and runs for three bi-weekly sessions. “Begin to Spin” begins February 12, along with “Beyond the Beginning Spinning.” Some other experiences are: “Whatever Twill Be,” a weaving experience over five Saturday afternoons in a row; “Warped to Weave,” “4 in 4 Fiber Study,” “From Ewe to Yarn” and “Not So Plain Weave.” Registration is open now for all of these experiences, and for the first/earliest ones, you must be signed up by February 1. To read more about each experience, register, or download a pdf of the mini-catalog of experiences, go to You may also call MoonTree Studios at (574) 935-1712 during business hours Monday-Friday.

While at Moontree Studios, Peggy will also be doing research and work toward completion of a fiber art installation. The fiber art installation will be a collaboration between Peggy and MoonTree Artistic Director, Sister Nancy Raboin. The vision shared by the two women for the artwork is that it will be an illumination of the connection between spirituality, women’s social issues, and building community.

Peggy Coffey has been spinning, weaving, dyeing, paper- & basket-making for more than 30 years. She has facilitated craft demonstrations and workshops, judged and competed in Handspun & Sheep-to-Shawl contests, co-coordinated spinner’s retreats, & co-founded the statewide network SWIFT (Spinners and Weavers of Indiana Fibers & Textiles.) For 12 years Peggy wrote the Spinner’s Connection for Spin-Off magazine. She holds an M.A. in Art from the University of Indianapolis, with a major in textiles & ceramics. Peggy’s background as an educator, a fiber artist, and her skills in occupational therapy provide a great opportunity for MoonTree participants to expand their knowledge of fiber work and enhance their creativity. She demonstrates personal investment in nurturing community--people working with their hands--which aligns with and enhances the mission of Moontree Studios.